Did you ever want to run away and join the Circus? Well, now you can.

Center Ring Circus School is now turning that dream into a reality. Offering unique classes in circus arts to students of all ages and abilities, we enable students to experience the magic of the circus world while improving their physical fitness, self-esteem, focus and discipline.

  • oh, the places you'll go
  • not your everyday birthday party
  • it's showtime
  • a clowns work is never done
  • adults - get fit in the air
oh, the places you'll go1 not your everyday birthday party2 it's showtime3 a clowns work is never done4 adults - get fit in the air5


We didn't invent the circus. We just teach it.

Circus skills hold a nearly magical quality, but the truth is with the right tools, teacher, and attitude, anyone can learn them. The physical advantages of this training are obvious, but the mental benefits, though less visible, are no less exciting. To conquer a skill few others possess is a delight of the soul. The Center Ring Circus School Center is a premier circus arts education facility in the mid-Atlantic region. Learn more

Classes are ongoing. Come join the CiRCuS!

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Classes are filling up. You can chose by Schedule, or Class. Click the "SCHEDULE" button above to schedule one or more classes or go to the "CLASS LIST" button to read details about individual classes and sign up on a class-by-class basis.

6770 Oak Hall Lane, Suite 105
Columbia, MD 21045

Spring & Summer Circus Camps

Howard County students ages 7 to 13 can now flip out on the trapeze, play on the tightrope, and catch the circus bug while juggling at the Center Ring Circus School’s award-winning spring and summer camp programs! Learn more

Birthday Parties

Join the circus for your birthday! Walk a tightrope, swing on a bar and fabric trapeze. Juggle scarves, balls plates, and even dance on a rolling globe. Then cap it off with a traditional (though optional) shaving cream pie in the face! Learn more